LISREL 9.30 for Windows
Upgrade LISREL 9.1 for Windows to LISREL 9.2 for Windows

Please note that the installation application on this page is only for end users with active activation codes for LISREL 9.1 for Windows.

The list of changes/corrections implemented in LISREL 9.2 for Windows are listed below.

1. General

Fixes to all the bugs reported by end users of LISREL 9.1 for Windows.

2. Structural Equation Modeling

If an LSF file is read in (single group case), then moment matrices are based on the definitions of the variables contained in the LSF file. For example, if all variables are declared ordinal, then a matrix of sample polychoric covariance or correlation coefficients will be computed instead of product moment coefficients.

3. Generalized Linear Modeling

Following the results for the unit-specific model estimates presented in the output file, the population average estimates are now additionally produced for count and categorical outcome variables.


  • Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall LISREL 9.1 for Windows.
  • Delete the LISREL9 folder in C:\Program files (x86)\ if it was not removed in the first step.
  • Use the URL below to save the installation application LISREL92Setup.exe.
  • Ensure that the saved application is approximately 66,010 KB in size. If not, please save it again.
  • Click on the Run as Administrator option on the right-click menu of LISREL92Setup.exe.

Installation application for LISREL 9.2 for Windows (66,010 KB)