Student edition

The student edition of HLM 7 can be downloaded from this page.

Please print this page before downloading the student edition, as the restrictions and other useful information concerning the program are given here. Also note that no technical support is provided for the student edition and that no serial number is required during installation.

The student edition of HLM 7 is available as a single, self-extracting executable HLM7StudentSetup.exe.

  • Save HLM7StudentSetup.exe to the desktop or a USB flash drive.
  • Run HLM7StudentSetup.exe from the Windows Start Menu.
  • Default installation will be to a new folder "C:\Program Files\HLM7Student\". You may change the name and location of this folder.
  • After successful installation the downloaded file HLM7StudentSetup.exe may be deleted.

The student edition includes the following:

  • All the examples distributed with the full HLM 7 edition. These examples may be run with the student edition.
  • The HLM 7 help file.
  • A PDF copy of the HLM 7 manual.

The student edition can run all the analyses the full edition can in terms of models selected, statistical options and output. Restrictions are, however, placed on the data used and the size of the model selected. The following restrictions apply in this edition:

  • The STAT/Transfer utility used for the importation of data is not included. The student edition will only accept ASCII, SYSTAT, SPSS for Windows or SAS transport data files. Note that SPSS data files created with SPSS 21 or earlier can be used with the student edition.
  • For a level-3 model, the maximum number of observations that may be used at levels 1, 2 and 3 is approximately 8000, 1700 and 60, respectively. Note that the restriction applies to observations in the case of the level-2 file, for example, and not to the actual number of level-2 units to be included in the analysis.
  • For a level-2 model, the maximum number of observations at the two levels is 8000 at level-1 and 350 at level-2 of the hierarchy.
  • No more than 5 effects may be included in any HLM equation at any level of the model, and the grand total of effects can not be 25 or higher.

When these limitations are exceeded, an appropriate error message will automatically be displayed.

For more information on how to set up these models and how to interpret the output, please see the Help file that comes with the program and the basic examples.

   Download HLM 7 (Student Edition) (29,905 KB)