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Other software

AML: The Alternative Minimum Level program written by Robert Gibbons has been discontinued, but the methodology has been incorporated into the Detect program (see below).

AUXAL: Fast, comprehensive analysis of data from longitudinal growth studies with an improved Windows interface.

BILOG (BILOG-W): The first IRT program for Windows, BILOG for Windows has recently been replaced by BILOG-MGfor Windows.

Detect: Robert Gibbons' tool for the computation of detection and quantification limit estimates is available now fromDiscerning Systems, Inc.

EZChrom: This software product for the analysis of chromatography data was originally published by Scientific Software, Inc, an unrelated company located in California. This company has been bought by Agilent, which now offers EZChrom at http://www.home.agilent.com/agilent/home.jspx?cc=US&lc=eng&cmpid=4533.

LISCOMP: An early accessory to LISREL from over a decade ago, LISCOMP has been discontinued.

LOGIMO: This program for loglinear IRT modeling, formerly published by iecProGAMMA, is out of print. ProGAMMA itself is no longer in business, but many of its staff have moved on to found the Science Plus Group.

Optimal Design (OpDes): This program for power analysis is available for free at Univ. of Michigan (William T. Grant Foundation).