We provide software tools for statistical data analysis, useful for work in a variety of fields such as:


  • Statistics (including survey research and informatics)
  • Behavioral and social sciences (such as psychology, sociology, psychiatry, criminal science, family studies, political science, developmental research, anthropology, or social work)
  • Medical research (including nursing, pharmacy, epidemiology, gerontology, kinesiology, sport science, and other fields)
  • Education (in administration, policy studies, test analysis, counseling, and more)
  • Business research (marketing, management, economics, organization)
  • Environmental science (including resource administration and longitudinal research)
  • Other diverse research areas, such as language studies, engineering, law, chemistry, or urban planning


Our best-known products include:


  • LISREL 10 The pioneering software for structural equation modeling now includes statistical methods for complex survey data. Create path diagrams in an easy to use interface and generate syntax directly from the diagram. The latest LISREL for Windows includes the following statistical applications.
    • LISREL for structural equation modeling.
    • PRELIS for data manipulations and basic statistical analyses.
    • MULTILEV for hierarchical linear and non-linear modeling.
    • SURVEYGLIM for generalized linear modeling.
    • MAPGLIM for generalized linear modeling for multilevel data.
  • HLM 7 Hierarchical data modeling with power. The latest version includes an improved interface, HTML output, and new statistical features such as cross-classified random effects for linear models for three-level data, and linear and nonlinear models for four-level data.
  • SuperMix Mixed-effect program that combines MIXREG, MIXOR, MIXNO and MIXPREG; allows two- and three-level models. Easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Item Response Theory Our group of item analysis programs (BILOG-MG, IRTPRO, and PARSCALE) now feature friendly, new Windows graphical user interfaces. They are all the tools you will need to perform a wide variety of analyses on many different types of tests and items.